Sunday, January 24, 2016

Using stamps in speech therapy!

I will admit it.  I have a little problem with buying stamps.  I really like them. There, I said it.  My students LOVE using stamps in therapy.  Of course I have a few who will sneak and stamp their hands in the process, but I don't mind.  Here's my collection of stamps.
I have them organized by seasons, letters, numbers, and who knows how long I have had Chuckie and Reptar?
If you have stamps, you need stamp pads.  Here's my collection.  The ink in the cheaper seasonal stamps doesn't last very long at all, so these are my back up for those and for all my wooden stamps.  I have noticed that the large stamp pads dry out pretty quick.  I have a small water bottle and I just give the pad a spritz when it gets too dry.  Works like a charm.
Now, how do I use stamps besides using them for reinforcement?  Well, look below.  Below I am working with a group of three students who all have different speech sounds.  I have them choose the stamp that they would like (making sure they are all different) and then stamp the back of their image or word cards.  We then play a game where I mix up all the cards and they have to find their image and pull one of their cards.   
While we are playing the game, I use the stamps to mark the envelopes that I make so they can take their cards home.  I take a sheet of notepad paper, fold it in half, staple the sides and then after the game I stuff their cards inside and tape the top with some cute washi tape.  Yes, I have a washi tape obsession.  I'll save that for another post!  If you don't have the notepad stash (I should blush here), then just cut a sheet of paper that needs to be recycled into four sections and use that.  I sometimes will use a brad to close the envelope instead of the washi tape.
I also have used stamps for just about anything that you could use a paint dauber for.  It's really fun to create scenes with them!  It's always fun to see what the students can come up with if you give them a few stamps to create a scene.  I hope I have given you a new tip that you can use with your stamp collection!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi just popped over from the forum. Your blog looks lovely and this is an interesting idea! I will keep reading :)