Sunday, January 10, 2016

Frenzied SLPs Linky: Favorite Organizational Tips

How do I "try" to stay organized?  First and foremost, I can NOT live without my speech data binder.  It stores all of my students and billing forms.  They are organized by group.  I'll even tell you how I organize my schedule to make using my binder super easy.  It really helps me!  I have the step by step to creating a binder in my TpT store if you need some help.
Here's my beautiful Speech Therapy Data Organizer...

  I keep all of my student data and attendance on my super easy Articulation Progress Data Forms.  The forms have all the sounds that I need in all positions.  I have them at the word level, phrase level, and sentence level.  I just choose the form that I need and place it in my binder.  Bam.  Data taken.  I love these forms, can you tell?  They also have a graph to show progress or regression.  Here's a FREE SAMPLE!  Try it and let me know what you think.  
The second way that I stay organized are my binders.  I take my products and place them in a binder in a way that I can easily find what I need.  Here's my Speech Language Screening Binder as an example.  I always clearly mark what's on the inside.

Then, I buy separators with pockets and label them accordingly.  This binder marks all the grade levels in my screening protocol.  I use this about once a week.  When the student comes in I can quickly grab the form I need.  
 I place all of the screening visuals in the front of the binder.  I put each sheet into a page protector.  My screening forms tell me which visual I need at the bottom.  It makes screening so smooth for me!
My third and final way that I stay organized is not a binder or a form.  It's my favorite cousin Rachelle.  Our school nurse had to leave in the middle of this year and Rachelle has stepped in to help all our little ones.  She's the smartest nurse I know.  I tell her that I really should have paid for half of her nursing classes because I use her wisdom daily.  She makes me laugh EVERYDAY.  I just love her.  We have known each other forever.  Really.  She is a hyper focused, super organized woman.  She won't leave work until every single child has been documented.  She has been my inspiration to bill each and every day so that I don't let things pile up and get overwhelmed.  Can you tell we are related?  This picture just makes me happy.   


  1. I posted about my binder, too! Although yours is way cuter than mine! Great tips!

  2. How wonderful to be able to work with a family member! I would love that!

  3. I really like the idea of keeping the copies in the divider pocket. Looks like a trip to the Big Girl Toy Store (aka, Staples!) is in this SLP's future. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I store everything in binders as well! It makes everything easy to find and reuse - as well as tote to different schools!

  5. There's a definite resemblance there! :)