Friday, January 15, 2016

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Speech Therapy

So, I am posting this late, but that's okay.  This week in therapy we made beautiful MLK crafts to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday on Monday.  Here's peek at my Lesson Plans and the craft set up.
You can find the craft in my TeacherspayTeachers store.  It's called: Martin Luther Speech Therapy Crafts.  My kids really enjoyed it!  I hang my samples on the board.  I also love to have a visual for my students see.
Here are some of my student creations.  Are they cute!  They have the speech words hidden under the hair curl or on a feather.  We practice our words as we glue the words on.  They take the crafts home for extra reinforcement.  The product includes all sounds in all positions plus blends and a blank sheet that you can use if the student is working on language or fluency goals.
The second therapy session of the week we used my Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech Therapy Social Game.  We discussed all the characteristics of a good friend by using my chart that is included in the unit.  Then we played the fun game and decided if the friend on each card was a good friend or a bad friend.  I noticed that it help my students with processing.  They had to think about what was read to them.  I let my readers read the card and we listened for words that contained their sound.  I drilled their speech sounds before they were given a card.  They really enjoyed the game and I hope that they will think about how they treat their friends.  This unit has an included homework sheet for articulation or language.  It also includes the lesson plans that you see in the first picture above.
Thanks for taking a look at my week in therapy!  I hope you had an awesome week!

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