Sunday, August 9, 2020

Schedule Speech Therapy FREEBIE

Can I tell you something? As I am writing this blog post, I am really unsure of what my year will look like. I am a school-based SLP. I have a full caseload from 3 years to 2nd grade. I think lots of you are with me. Online for some students, direct therapy with others. I can't even imagine how I will figure out my schedule in a few weeks. Do you need help with organizing your schedule? I have created a simple schedule that you can access HERE. If you are looking for the bundle that includes all editable forms take a look in my TpT store HERE.
I know this year will be difficult for all of us. I hope this schedule will help you in some way.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Back to School Activity with Dot markers + Speech Therapy = Smiles

My kids love dot check out this super fun say and seek activity that is perfect for back to school. It has articulation and language targets which make for super easy planning. Just print and go. Meet all your kids goals with this one activity. How easy is that? You can find this resource in my TeacherspayTeachers store HERE.

Check out this product in action:

Monday, August 3, 2020

Sweet Strawberry Craft for Speech Therapy

Who doesn't love a strawberry? Did you know my crafts have language and articulation targets? I have a full caseload ranging from 3 year olds to 5th graders. I try really hard to make my life as simple and managable as possible. So this strawberry becomes the craft that I make with my entire caseload. I even have a blank strawberry incase I get a new student with a language goal that isn't included in the craft. It's a win, win. Grab this Berry-licious Treat HERE in my TeachersPayTeachers store. Happy Crafting! 
Check out this video to see just how easy creating this craft can be!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Fall Tree Speech Therapy Craft

Fall is my favorite. I'm so excited about next week's lesson plans. We are making a super cute tree with our speech targets!
Grab the yellow, red and orange paper from this pack: I make three copies for each goal that I need and then use this puncher to create my circles: One thing you need to know about this puncher. It likes multiple sheets of paper. It doesn't like to punch out one sheet at a time. Save all of your left over circles! You will need them for a future craft:) Until next time...craft on speech peeps.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fall Corn Craft in Speech Therapy

This week in therapy we are making a cute fall corn craft "A-maize-ing Speech." I brought in a popcorn popper and with a little oil and popcorn kernels we had all sorts of magic. Below you can see our craft and how I set up the popcorn popper in my room. I used bulletin board paper to protect the carpet and I drew a line across the paper to give my students a visual for them not to cross while we were using the popcorn popper. We used kernels and glued them onto the corn craft. Use Elmer's glue all. That way the craft will not have to sit in your room to dry and they can walk out of the door and not lose all the kernels on the way to class.
This activity was so much fun. The kids loved seeing what happened to the kernels and I loved hearing all the vocabulary that the popcorn popper brought out! "This is awesome." "It's going to pop." "It smells so GOOD."

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Turkey Craft

How adorable is this guy? I have started working with more preschool students lately. This has really created a need for easy print and go crafts like this turkey.
What a fun way to practice your speech articulation or language goals and create this super cute Thanksgiving turkey craft for fall! This is such a great way to keep those little hands busy and motivated while working on speech skills and fine motor skills! Grab a 1 3/4" circle puncher on Amazon to punch out the circles;) This will save you so much time! Follow this link to grab the circle punch that I use. I have always have mixed groups, so when I create products I make them so that I can use them in every session, with every student. Every sound in every position plus blends are included. You have 10 words for every sound in the initial, 10 words in medial and 10 words in the final position of words. There are images with words on each sound page. A blank form is also included so that you can use this same craft for your mixed groups. Plus the following language concepts: Antonyms Rhyming words Who questions What questions When questions Where questions Why questions How questions 1-step directions Shapes Turn-taking Which Look at just how easy this turkey is to create! Note: if you do not have any colored paper, do not worry, just have your students color the circles on their goal page.
I am obsessed with Astrobright paper. I use it every single day in therapy. Here are the colors that I loved using with this turkey. Thanks so much for dropping by. Keep checking back for more fun ideas.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Back to School SLP tip

Send this "Meet the Speech Therapist" letter home to all of your speech parents. This editable form is a freebie in my TpT store. Follow this link to grab the form:HERE