Thursday, March 28, 2019

Free Sleepy Bug Craft for Speech Therapy

This month has been so full of new placements that I haven't had time to create lots of fun crafts for my groups. Boo. BUT...I did find this adorable game called "Bed Bugs." I know, the concept is a little unnerving, but my kids LOVED using the tweezers to grab the little jumping bugs. The game has three sets of tweezers in three different colors. It does require a couple of batteries, but when you turn the jumping bed on, the little critters start flying everywhere. You can't help but laugh with your students. The object is to grab all of your color bugs (based on the tweezers you are using) before anyone else does. How about that? I was able to slip in a little fine motor practice;). Before playing the game, we quickly made our homework (the craft) and drilled our speech targets. You can find the game on Amazon.
I know, you are thinking, how do I get my hands on this adorable little bug? Well, you can grab him by clicking HERE. I hope your students love the craft and game as much as my students did. If you are interested in receiving free crafts then please go and sign up for my newsletter here:

Friday, March 1, 2019

Free Dragon Craft for Speech Therapy

How would you like this Dragon Craft for speech therapy FREE??

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