Saturday, August 20, 2016

Articulation Spinners

I'm joining the Frenzied SLPs to tell you about a super cool product of mine that you really need to grab during the sale!

I am so very excited to share my latest TeacherspayTeachers product with you!  It's called "Articulation Spinners."  It will keep your students engaged and excited about working on their articulation goals!
They are so easy to make and I know your students are going to have a blast playing with them while they practice their speech sounds.  Here's a video clip to show you just how fun they are to play with.

All you have to do is make copies of the product and then give each student a sound sheet that aligns with their speech goal.  Have them color the template!  Encourage them to choose bright colors and not to leave any white!  The more color you have the cooler the spinner will be!  The full color example you see in the picture below are for s blends.  This page is included in the product so that you can quickly print it out and assemble a visual for the students to go by.