Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Break Creations

I'm so excited to be on Christmas break!  It means I have time to create TpT materials for the New Year.  I can't wait to share these crafts with my students after the new year!  First up, my New Year's Speech Craft...
This is a super easy and fun craft for therapy.  It has all sounds and positions for your articulation caseload, but I have included a blank strip page so that you can also use this for your language or fluency students!  All you do is print out your word/image strips on colored paper, or have your students color them.  Curl them on a pencil and then attach them to the squares!

 Here's a super cute New Year's party hat.
Here's a firework!  Who doesn't love a firework with sparks coming off the fuse?

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